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View from the main house, with garden and ocean views.

Need a ride up the hill? Call us for FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE, 9AM to 9PM Tuesday through Saturday,  (Not available in summer)

CALL 767 295 2502

Barb Wire Bar & Bungalows:  Barb Wire B & B is unlike any other lodge or hotel in the Picard or Portsmouth areas.  Though located less than one mile up the hill overlooking Ross University, you will think you have been transported to the lush jungles and fresh rivers of interior Dominica.  Nature abounds throughout the property, with fruits, flowers, and trees living harmoniously with wildlife, bungalows and visitors.

At Barb Wire we say that "Coconuts are better than Diamonds" so come share a moment with us and understand why.  Johnny Depp spent a night or two with us, why not you?

Currently available are four stone and hardwood bungalows with spectacular views of Cabrits, Prince Rupert Bay and Picard.  The property is bordered on one side by a river and contains a rock lined Splash Pool (currently under repair) to cool down on hot days, natural spring ground water and has a "get away from it all" ambiance.  Each bungalows is uniquely designed and built by Spesh and features local wood, Chinese nails, hand laid local stone floors and walls, exposed interior studs, with solar & candle power lighting. The furnishings are rich dark wood and tile, very romantic.  There is a main house where meals and drinks are prepared by Super Spesh, a pretty bridge entry way, and the views of Cabrits and Picard are gorgeous!


     Call Super Spesh at 767 295 2502 for information and a ride to Barb Wire B & B.

                                    Email: SuperSpesh44@gmail.com

              Peace                             Love                          One World

Make sure to ask Spesh about the Syndicate Falls & Dublanc River Tour and visit www.SyndicateFalls.com for more information about this nearby 100 ft. tall waterfall with beautiful triple level waterfall emerald pool.  Or take a ride on a catamaran yacht with www.captainmarksway.com

The Pampo House, location of the bar and Chilin' Deck, the Grail Penthouse and Pampo Room

Barb Wire is the soul creation of Jean Etienne, better known as Spesh or Super Special, a hard working creative Certified Park and River Tour Guide, who is an expert on Dominican wildlife and local botany.  He, and Alesha, are your hosts during your stay.  Peace.