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The Syndicate Falls, 100' tall, is one of the best kept natural wonder secrets in Dominica.  Spesh is an expert guide who will drive you there in under 30 minutes and show you the wonderful flora and fauna (flowers and plants) along the way.  There is also a gorgeous emerald pool on the property!

Syndicate is only 6 miles from Portsmouth and is one of the most beautiful drives in all of Dominica. Syndicate is known for producing the most amazing fruit in fertile Dominica.

The easy 10 minute walk up the Dublanc River necessary to reach the Falls is breath taking and easy to navigate.  The Falls are located at 1,400 elevation on the way up 4,747 ft. Morne Diabolitins, the second highest peak in the Lesser Antilles.  There is a rest room on the base property and soft drink, beer and rum punch are available.

Morne Diablotins National Park, offers many excellent hiking trails, including one from the Park all the way down to Portsmouth...6 miles of the Nature Island!  View the Jacko and maybe the Cisero Parrots on property.

If Spesh, or Capt. Mark, is unavailable, contact Russell for transportation and a guide, at 767 245 0959 or 767 617 7879.  Of course, there is a fee for this service (ask Spesh or Russel) and a $10 EC/$5 US park fee per person is required. (This is waived if you are a guest at Barb Wire or aboard Sanctuary, our charter catamaran, see www.CaptainMarksWay.com for rates and tours.)

Go to Syndicate in the morning and the Indian River in the afternoon because you will want to have a drink or two at the Indian River so timing it for happy hour is best!

Visit the web site for more information on Camp DominEco, our nature camp for teens and adults with a cinnamon tree house and tent platform for 8.


Captain Mark at one of the Dublanc River crossings

The path to the Falls